New DLC Has Arrived: The Handler’s Astera 3 Star Chef Coat

Monster Hunter World Handler Chef Costume

During a live stream on Twitch, it was leaked that the new Handler’s Astera 3 Star Chef Coat will be coming to Monster Hunter World, and it is now available for purchase.

UPDATE: This outfit was just released and is now available for purchase and download on PS4 and Xbox One. The official name for the outfit is “The Handler’s Astera 3 Star Chef Coat” and  the price is $2.99 USD.

Original article:

The only details that we currently know are that it will be available on the Playstation Store (no solid word on Xbox, but it’s safe to assume) and released during the Spring update. Given the fact that the first new Spring content will be made available tomorrow (Deviljho DLC) and some others won’t be released until mid-April during the Spring Blossom Fest. That’s a fairly large window of time.

It’s also worth noting that a price for this DLC is currently unknown. Perhaps it will be a free download, but if not the cost should be priced around $2.99 USD like the Guildmarm Costume for the Handler that is already available.

The official name for this Handler outfit was not mentioned, but have a look at this image to understand why I’m temporarily calling it the “Chef” costume:

Monster Hunter World Handler Chef Costume

Once we know more (and have an official name) I’ll update this post.

– Roxtar

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