Spring Blossom Fest is MHW’s First Ever Seasonal Event

It’s great to know that we are going to be able to celebrate seasonal events in Monster Hunter World, the first of which will be the Spring Blossom Fest this April.

This special event will begin on April 5 th and end on April 18 th, giving all players plenty of time to enjoy the festivities.

During the course of the Spring Blossom Fest many new event quests will be available, and the Gathering Hub will be fully decorated in celebratory fashion. To top it off, the Hub staff will be sporting new Guild uniforms and a special food platter will be in place for you to order before hunts.

Just how many new event quests will be added has not been confirmed, but those that we do know about are related to the Mega Man Voxel Style Palico Gear and Wyvern Ignition Great Sword.

Perhaps the Spring Blossom Fest will give the Gathering Hub the much needed attention from players that is desperately deserves.

Here’s some screen shots to satisfy your curiosity:

If any more details on this upcoming event are released, we’ll let you know.

– Roxtar

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