Now Available: Get Your Free Character Edit Voucher Today

All players in Monster Hunter World have been given one free Character Edit Voucher today, March 16 th. You can snag yours in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Game Store right now.

This voucher is single-use only, so make sure not to waste it. However, if you want to switch up your character again in the future, Capcom has stated that more will be made available for purchase in the future. There currently is no release date for the paid vouchers.

This is what you can and can’t do with your voucher:

Things that you CAN edit:

  • Hunter gender
  • Hunter physical appearance (skin tone, features, etc.)
  • Hunter cosmetic appearance (hairstyle, facepaint, etc.). Note you can already do these at any time

Things that you CAN’T edit:

  • Hunter name
  • Palico name
  • Palico appearance

There you have it! If you’ve been itching to correct some mistakes that you made during character creation or just want to shake things up, now is your chance.

– Roxtar

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