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    I’m going to make a more in-depth introductory post once I have the time, but I’m a bit burned out from spending the past week creating this site. For now, allow me to just give you a quick briefing on the features available to you:

    – You can register your in-game Squad and invite members to join
    – All squads have option to receive their own private/public forum
    – Your guild card can be completely customized to your liking
    – Everything you do here is recorded in your Activity for reference
    – You can become friends with other members and private msg
    – Event Quests are auto-updated when Capcom makes changes
    – You can search for site members, even by their main weapon
    – Each weapon and large monster has a forum dedicated to them
    – The news page auto-updates when new patch notes come out
    – Your hunter rank (the orange stars) increases with site usage
    – You can @mention any site member and they’ll be notified
    – Your guild card holds a record of all forum posts you make
    – You can create a forum signature from within your guild card
    – I’ve included a library of MH avatars you can choose from
    – Uploading of custom avatars and cover photos is allowed
    – The scout flies (search) will auto-suggest results as you type

    That’s pretty much the basics. There’s a lot more involved as I’ve tried to included all of the features that would be beneficial to us, and plan to implement even more in the coming months. I hope everyone enjoy the site.

    Thanks for joining!

    Welcome to MHWHub!

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